Train your Brain

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
 Train your brain with your 
iPhone or Android device

Whenever you are excited, sleeping, meditating or concentrated, your brain "runs" on a certain frequency. The lower that frequency is, the deeper the consciousness is.

The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (or TMS) is a way to affect your brain's state. Not by external influence. But by "playing the brain's song you want". Its like when you hear a song ... you sing the song. And these Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation are playing a "song" where your brains attunes as well

All you need is a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation device, that you can buy here and this app

Beta Waves - 14 to 30 Hz

When you are awake with clear consciousness, your brain is in the Beta Wave State. The brain's beta waves have a frequency of 14 - 30 oscillations per second

Alpha Waves - 9 to 13 Hz

Your brain is in the Alpha Wave State, when you are relaxed but not sleeping. The brain's alpha waves have a frequency of 9 - 13 oscillations per second

Theta Waves - 4 to 8 Hz

In the several states of lower consciousness, while sleeping and dreaming or meditating, the brain oscillates at 4 - 8 Hz 

Delta Waves - less than 4 Hz

In very deep dreamless sleep, your brain's delta waves have a frequency of below 4 oscillations per second

Train Your Brain

How can you influence your brain, doing what YOU want
Just select the program you want and start it. When plugged in a TMS device, your brain will adopt to the resonance of the emitted impulse and "sing the same song" - have a good sleep!


The sleeping program slowly decreases the frequency of pulses until it reaches a level of deep sleep.  

And More

Beside the sleeping program there are many more. You can see their different phases of electro magnetic pulse frequency and adjust them if needed